Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Do you like to watch movies? Any particular genre?

I'm fond of mystery and horror movies. But to be honest I wouldn't hang any of their posters on wall in my home.
Also, I wouldn't hang any original poster (maybe there are some I would like, but haven't find any yet). But, I like some ideas from them, mostly from Marvel movies (not all).
Searching through Internet, hunting some ideas, I have found many non-official posters made minimalistic.
I'm not used to steal other peoples ideas or work. I'll always go hard way and try to do it by myself.
So, a few months ago I made these few hanging on our living room wall and one in our hall.


I've just noticed that we don't have Superman......

You can find some great ones: here, here, here, here, here, here, or just google: simple movie posters

Bye, bye, 


Currently we're in huge dilemma, puzzled with indecision to move or to renovate.
Most of rooms are in pretty fine condition, things which are wrong or decrepit could be easiliy fixed.

Biggest problem of all is my son's room. I wouldn't go into any structural problem we have, but let's just say that it would be impossible to solve it without a wall demolition....or moving to another address.

The thing is we have two bedrooms, and ours is bigger, with big windows and huge amount of natural light. The other is smaller (too small for double bed and closet space), looking into inner yard with window looking into another window, and since we're on 1st floor the amount of sunlight is extremely limited.

The solution would be: change for rooms! P is using his room mostly at daytime, and we're only sleeping in ours.
But....big bed could not fit into space (we'd had to sleep in bunk beds) and there is no option for any closet bigger than the one for my clothes only...maybe. Second problem is we would loose the possibility of  using our balcony at night. I'd never accept that idea. Sorry! Sitting there on warm nights, after all day hustle and bustle, drinking some wine or beer and discussing on whatever we could think of is the only luxury D and I have. The windows and door of this, bigger room are leading directly on it....

Since, we're in some kind of non-solvable limbo and we'll eventually decide to move in next few years, I'll try to make P's room as good as it can be and simply redecorate it (for probably 7th time). 

There are some ideas, already pinned on my Pinterest board: Kids room.

So let's see...I'll reveal the final result.


The charcoal gray walls are lifted by the presence of a bright white ceiling, and a large cream area rug sprawling from beneath the end of the bed, and the vintage style chest at it's foot.

As you can see...I'm stuck between scandinavian and industrial style....ecclectic is somewhere between those two...

Stay tuned,