Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I'll tell you a story. We're in process of re-designing our sons room. He has grown up, and has outgrown his guardian owls, teddybears and bed for babies.It seems this process will never end, but we're moving...slowly...

End of 2009 - end of summer 2011
End of summer 2011 - beginning of 2013
I'm not going to show you whole room until it is all over, and this story is about PRETTY LADIES ON MOTORCYCLES...with note that bikes must be new models!??!? This came out from mouth of 4 years old boy. I've decided to make a few canvases with some vintage car/motorcycle/train posters, and asked him what does he like more. He said: 'Bikes!', and added:'...but I don't want old ones. They must be new...and, I want pretty lady sitting on it.'

I was speechless. But decided to find a way to make his wish come true, keep my vintage idea and to stay within borders of good taste acceptable for his age.
I must admit, and it keeps bothering me - I'm not satisfied, this tiny bit of conservatism inside me keeps telling me that is wrong to put photos like this on wall...in small child's room :((

But, liberal as my husband and I are - pretty ladies on motorcycles are still hanging there...or better to say it is just one lady, and she is very pretty ;))So, what you need to make your own canvases? I have found many tutorials on web, but none of them with plain photocopy paper. 
I'm sorry for not taking photos of the process :((


#1 Pre - streched white canvas - you can buy the cheapest one (here, in Croatia it can be found for less than 20 HRK in Offertissima, KIK and similar stores).

#2 Choosen photo or picture printed on laser printer or photocopy (DON'T use inkjet prints. Ink will melt from water and glue).

#3 White, wood glue diluted with water.

#4 Foam roller in size you find suitable for size of photo - in this case, the bigger is better ;)

#5 Much time and will.

It should be in size of your photo. The biggest I've made was 70 x 100 cm (around 2.3 x 3.3 ft).

You shouldn't feel limited with your printer size. It is not true that every possibility stops on A4 sized paper. 
You need a good software which allows you to clip parts of your image or to print them one by one. So, Photoshop or one of it freeware copies will do.Only thing you must remember is to print out some overlappings on every part of image. This overlaps will be cut on the end, but you need space for finding the best and the least visible place to merge pieces together.

I love wood glue! It is cheap and very usable. First you must dilute it with water. I can't tell you the best ratio. This glue is pretty dense, and you must dilute it enough to be able spread it over the canvas easily.

If you have a foam roller long enough to cover the whole width of yout photo, it'll be the best.

Prepare your self, this job will ruin your nerves!

Here is the process:
Spread the glue over the canvas, but don't cover area bigger than the size of your photo/piece of photo because it will dry quickly.
Slightly wet yout first photo part.
Position it on canvas. Press the first edge with roller and continue rolling inch by inch to the other edge. It looks like you're setting the wallpapers. Use the same roller already sodden with glue and water. It has to be watered enough not to stick to your photo.
Be careful! Wet paper will strech easily, so don't push and press too much. If you push it too hard it won't only stretch, but also slide away from its place. Roll until all bumps are gone. If there are some left, don't panic. In drying process they will level themslves leaving just some small scarves...so, nothing serious ;)

When you're done, carefully position your next photo part on glued canvas surface and repeat the whole process trying not to move photo parts ruining joint edge.

When it is all over, let it dry for a few hours and put one coat of varnish just to seal it completely.

So, here it is. First one isn't joined well, but who cares..this one is on top and slightly out of sight ;)

Have a nice rest of the week,

Saturday, 9 November 2013


There are many tutorials on how to make chalk paint. Many recipes and many outcomes. Some of them are good for furniture painting, and some are better on wall.

My idea was to make a big blackboard in kitchen where we can write shopping lists or weekly menu. 

After testing some recipes decision was made. Simpler is always better!

Things you will need:
1.   Non-sanded tile grout
2.   Latex paint (any color) - latex paint is a must for wall painting
3.   Mixing cup or bucket (bucket is better, even for a small amount of color)
4.   Wooden paint stirrer or mixer drill attachment (in my case - just mixer...you know, this one you use in kitchen :D)
5.   Sponge roller and paintbrush
6.   Masking tape

1# - MIX
Mix the latex paint and non-sanded grout in prepared bucket. 
The ratio is: 1 part grout to 8 parts paint. 
Amounts are dependable on painting area. For a cup of paint you need only 2 Tsp of grout.
When you start with this job you'll soon be realising that mixing of it isn't the easiest job. So - use mixer and be sure to get an even and homogenous paste. You don't want visible granules or grout bumps on your wall.

Like always, painting surface must be clean from dust, oily marks and preferably even. Dusty and oily wall will cause peeling of your paint. 
Oily marks will need some sanding, and dust will come off with wet cloth (don't overdo with water, you don't want to wait too long for it to dry)

3# - MASK
Use masking tape to mark the painting area. Apply your chalkboard paint using a paintbrush and/or sponge roller. If your paint is too dry, feel free to dilute it with small amount of water. Don't pour too much water at once!
Like every chalkboard paint, one coat isn't going to be enough. First coat should be painted in one direction (horizontally), and after drying, second coat in other direction (vertically).

4# - DRY
Allow the paint to dry. It will look dry after only hour, but you should allow it to dry for a 2 or 3 days before using it.

After a few days it should be ready for use, but, as we condition our cast-iron cooking utensils, we must condition our chalkpaint also! Rub chalk along the entire surface and then wipe it off with a barely-damp cloth.

6# - USE
And, finally, the last step....go on! Use your board!

Have a nice weekend,

Sunday, 3 November 2013


To make  ​​a small step away from the previous apartment selection (really small) I chose this apartment offered on  www.alexanderwhite.se.

Would'nt you like to live in such a wonderful building built in 1929? In my town buildings so old do not look like this ...

Apartment as a whole, seems a bit confusing. Modern innovations and processing of materials, combined with its complete opposite best presented in the form of a dinning table.

All in all, very interesting, but go, and judge by yourself!

<Have a good day,Marta>


This apartment is not very big, only 49,5 m² (about 530 sqft). It has a great open space living area connected with kitchen. White walls with some color accents, plenty of dark shades, bioethanol fireplace set high on the wall like a picture. Everything is quite interesting, isn't it?

Kitchen is ultra modern, with clean lines, glossy black unit doors and granite countertop. In complete opposition with table made ​​of old wood and chairs taken at flea market!

Bedroom is very neutral, decorated in soft earth tones. Bathroom is dark, modern, and big enough to place washing machine and dryer behind curtain.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


If you're like me, then you buy most of the stuff on Internet. Unfortunately I still don't believe enough to buy clothes that way (I must try it on before buying), but everything else is coming into my house that way.

There are a few shops I visit every time in search of something, and if I'm lucky those visits are fruitfull. But if not, there are my best friends - eBay and Amazon. Beacuse I hate wondering around in search of anything.
Most of the people are afraid of buying something without seeing it in nature, but I must admit never buying something wrong. Sellers are providing pretty much good descriptions of items. On the other hand, you shouldn't buy big and expensive stuff when there are no customer reviews for particular product. Another possibility is to contact seller, asking for more detailed informations, especially if you're buying new on the market product or used one. 
And, last thing is to look for detailed seller info, recent customer feedback and overall rating. Never buy items from seller without at least good ratings.

I have decided, once a week to choose an inspiring photo and try to copy its look with the stuff found on web. Section is called GET THE LOOK. Also a section GET THE LOOK ON BUDGET will come soon.
Most of the time I look for things on Amazon.co.uk, because the shipping to my country is still fairly rare or cost too much, while our local stores do not deliver the goods abroad and they are unusable to readers outside Croatia. For eBay I reach out less often, mostly when looking for vintage stuff.

First inspiring photo is this dinning room from 25.media.tumblr.com

A beautifull and clean room, with wooden desk and rustic light colored wood floor. It is a little bit Scandinavian, a little bit industrial, and also ecclectic and vintage. Everything I like!

1. Retro Eames inspired Eiffel chair
2. Opulence Chair White
3. Ariana Angled Oak Veneer Wood Dining Table 150cm 5ft Flatpack
4. Tradition Bulb Pendant
5. IKEA Hemnes glass- door cabinet
6. White Shaker Wooden Tissue Box Cover
7. YSYT Black-Crocodile Leather Pattern Wood tissue box
8. YSYT Ostrich pattern leather wood tissue box
9. Lloytron L855BC Studio Poise Halogen Hobby/ Desk Lamp - Brushed Chrome
10. Premier Housewares Wooden Console Table, 76 x 40 x 78 cm, White-instead of single shelf for laptop
11. Stallion Bar Stool Cream & Walnut-as working chair, or if you lack of space
12. Premier Housewares Rectangle Shaped Folding Stool with Chrome Frame, 49 x 35 x 24 cm, Cream

I am a registered user of Amazon.co.uk Associates program, and each of your possible purchase after visiting my site will result in a small fee paid by Amazon. Thank you!

Sunday, 27 October 2013


I'm always trying to make, instead of buying gifts. Some people are pleased with those unique things, and some are not. I don't care about them much. In my own defence I can only say that I always put all my efforts, imagination, love, time and capability to make those gifts. And I'll never give something not looking perfect (perfect too me ;)). I don't like things looking too much homemade...don't know why :D

Here is my version of Advent candle holder. It is made from glass plate and 4 small rakia (to the rest of the world more known as grappa) glasses and silver glitter. Everything is bought at Offertissima (something like Dollarstore) for almost nothing.

I have great stencil with letters and numbers, but couldn't find it. Those numbers are printed, cut and glued to masking tape.
Glitter is glued with regular white glue for decoupage (don't ask me why...), and when it dried I put one layer of water based varnish just to seal it. Glass parts are glued with epoxy glue.

Hope it won't peel off under heat...

Saturday, 26 October 2013


I'm not much into cooking & baking posts, but this time I just can't resist writing about the best Apple Cinnamon Muffins I have ever tried before :)) They're so soft, moist, fluffy...and easy to make.

So, I have searched through Internet to find some easy and quick recipes with apples. Finally found one I liked, buh didn't have enough eggs to make it, and in the same time didn't want to cut everything in half.

I'm not the recipe person. For me it is impossible not to change at least 30 % of it...and I'm incapable of repeating the same meal twice.

At our home is like going to the different restaurant every day ;) For that reason I did something I never do - I wrote recipe down this time!

For about 22 muffins

2 eggs (they don't have to be large, I got only small ones)
10 Tsp sugar
1 Vanilla scented sugar ( 2 tsp )
1 baking powder ( 2 tsp )
12 Tsp flour
10 Tsp oil
10 Tsp milk
1/2 cup yoghurt
lemon peel (from 1 or more lemons)

3 large apples
1 Tsp sugar
Cinnamon (as much as you wish)
Marmelade (optionally, a few spoons)

Whisk eggs with sugar. Add flour and baking powder. Then add oil and milk. And on the end add lemon peel and yoghurt. Whisk a little bit more.

For filling, cut apples in tiny cubes and add sugar and cinnamon.
I had no time to cut small pieces. So, you can use a blender, but don't turn apples into paste. Stop when there are still some chunks. I have divided filling into half and mixed some homemade peach marmelade into one half.

Preheat your owen to 180ºC (350ºF).

Take your muffin pan, insert paper cups and fill them with batter only half way than 
normal. Put a pan into owen for a 5-10 minutes. You must take it out when batter starts to raise.

Put a generous tablespoon of filling onto every muffin and cover it with batter. Cups should be full now.

Bake another 15 - 20 minutes, until the tops are golden. Take them out, and let them cool a bit.

When cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

And - EAT! ;))

Bon Appetit!