Sunday, 27 October 2013


I'm always trying to make, instead of buying gifts. Some people are pleased with those unique things, and some are not. I don't care about them much. In my own defence I can only say that I always put all my efforts, imagination, love, time and capability to make those gifts. And I'll never give something not looking perfect (perfect too me ;)). I don't like things looking too much homemade...don't know why :D

Here is my version of Advent candle holder. It is made from glass plate and 4 small rakia (to the rest of the world more known as grappa) glasses and silver glitter. Everything is bought at Offertissima (something like Dollarstore) for almost nothing.

I have great stencil with letters and numbers, but couldn't find it. Those numbers are printed, cut and glued to masking tape.
Glitter is glued with regular white glue for decoupage (don't ask me why...), and when it dried I put one layer of water based varnish just to seal it. Glass parts are glued with epoxy glue.

Hope it won't peel off under heat...

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