Monday, 14 October 2013


Everyone who knows me will tell you that I'm never satisfied and I will get bored soon with everything around me.

Apartment we live in, my son, husband and I , isn't big. D (husband) will tell you it is luck, because my constant redecorating is never ending in 66 square meters (710.42ft² says Google). What would be with bigger apartment?

One of the last changes we made is our entrance hall. It is only 1.5 meters wide and around 3.5 meters long with 5 doors attached to is. So, you assume, it isn't easiest space to organize.

Since I bought this apartment, hall was painted yellow - light yellow, sunny yellow, dark yellow, two toned, three toned, with horizontal stripe, vertical ones.....
I don't want to see any yellow for at least 10 years....(I know I'm jumpin' right into my mouth with this statement).

All the years I've lived here alone, and all the time since there is three of us we didn't have a place to put our or guest coats on. Well, I'm satisfied with the habit of putting our clothes right into closet (don't like to see anything hanging around) but having guests was bit of problem.

What is not seen on photos is shoe cabinet right behind entry door.

Another problem was radiator which is actually never used. We heat it only a few times in winter to dry wet shoes.

So, after all we ended with this solution:

It is not finished yet, but I'm relieved with it's state now. 
Walls are all painted in light shade of gray: I have mixed it with blue and small amount of red and green. I would call this shade sky blue/gray.
Originally gold frames are painted in glossy black and yellow. Half of them are framing blackboard instead of picture, and other half family photos.
Shoe cabinet has fresh coat of paint, too. It was maroon brown, and now is black with white doors. I still have no solution for umbrellas, as you can see on photo.
The biggest intervention was to create fake wall from MDF which will hide hanged clothes. When you entering apartment everything is hidden with 4 shelves.
Our original idea was to hang the whole construction from wall and ceiling because this whole panel isn't sitting on the floor. We wanted to hide radiator but also to leave space for wet shoes.
Well, we weren't sure that it won't fall down so the whole construction ended on two legs....I know they're black. We had only them....will find white ones soon.

I'm still unsure what to do with dark brown console...but I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out! ;)

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