Wednesday, 9 October 2013


To my dear readers! 

After long thinking and rethinking on to keep writing or stoping it, I have decided to keep it going further. But I didn't wanted to continue it on the same level and with same subjects and themes.
Things around me are different these days...I have changed, my life has changed. I'm not doing the same things I've been doing last year. So this blog had to be changed also, in order to follow my own footsteps. 

First big decision was to start writing in English. Most of my online friends aren't Croatian, and I want to share my blog with them also...So, to all my Croatian readers, I hope you won't mind and you'll stay with me on this site.

Second (and last decision....don't laugh on me, these two were hard enough :-) since I'm not good decision maker) was slight change in blog theme. I'm still an architect, interior designer and craft person, interested in all I can see, touch, get or try. But, there is question of time. With my daily job, small child, all the jobs around house,... I can't find, and I don't want to find anymore, enough time to accomplish everything I used to before.
So, everything will be more related to the things I'm doing now: designing and rearrangement of my apartment, designing for my occasional clients, DIY and crafting only things connected to my interior design job, reviewing interior design I like, writing some articles or reviews of products I use, like, or I just want to buy one day.

That's it....sorry for my occasional English're welcome to point them out, I want to learn! And, I hope you'll like this renewed version of my site and enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks i hvala svima,

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