Saturday, 12 October 2013


For years we have a small open cabinet used for cookbooks, architecture and Feng Shui books, and some magazines.
I hate open shelves. They're always dusty. And since I'm an organizing freak who is unable to keep order all the time - when something is open, you can't hide eventual mess.
So, I've decided to put some doors on it.

It looked like this: 
usefull but tasteless....and it isn't so redish in nature. It is pretty light colored MDF.
It was impossible to put MDF panel for a door because of space, so we bought 6 mm thick plywood hoping it would be thick enough not to bend.
We also bought a pair of hinges (when I say 'WE', I mean my husband and I), and magnetic door handle (just in case if it bends).
After we mounted the door, I painted them white. was better but I wasn't satisfied. You can see mood of photo below, haha.
After some thinking, decision was made - I want a picture of Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on it! Easy to say, but where to find this sized photo? This is how the adventure started. I' ve found a good photo, printed it with laser printer (on 9 A4 papers), cut them all to fit perfectly and prayed to succeed.
If you want something like this, you'll need: spray bottle with water to wet your print, towel to put wet prints on, diluted wood glue or Mod Podge and foam roller to attach your prints on furniture.
Wet your first print, put it on towel wrong side up, coat it with glue but don't overdo. Paper will tear if it is too wet. Next step is to coat furniture with glue and attach print on it. And then, roll and roll and roll until it is glued completely without any bumps.
Repeat this steps until whole picture is done. Let it dry for 24 hours and then finish it with varnish. I had water based semi- gloss varnish. It' not glossy enough for me but it dries very fast.

So, here is result and it looks great. Now I'm satisfied!

Have a nice weekend!

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