Friday, 18 October 2013


As a environmentally conscious citizens we're hoarding empty bottles on our balcony. And we just can't remember to carry them back to the store. It was a complete mess.

So I've found old and worn out wooden case...

STEP (1)
Old wood, completely dry, extemely thin (most cardboards are thicker than this) and very ragged...I couldn't grind, there was no space for it. But, glass paper did its job though. Now I'm not afraid of having splinters in my fingers.
First mission completed!!  

STEP (2) wasn't clear until then - it is still ragged. Foam roller ended in garbage...ragged also. I had to continue with brush.
And, I've made a mistake not reading the paint label. Instead of water based paint, I took an oil paint...what a mistake!
Dirty shade of white, two coats, whole room stinks and discovery! I didn't have to make it look is already shabby.

Drying phase.

STEP (3)
When it was dry, I wiped it, and prepared acetone, laser prints (printed backwards), some napkins or cotton wool and wood glue.


STEP (4)
Pictures are cut and there it mistake.
Too much paper left around...

STEP (5)
Glue goes on the right side of picture. Every inch must be coated evenly.
Don't make my third (or maybe fourth) mistake and coat it too thich. It'll never dry.

STEP (6)
Picture is carefully placed on case. There are no bumps. I just had to wait for it to dry.

STEP (7)
It is dry? Ok, ready, steady...go!

Napkin is moisted with acetone and a very long procedure is getting its way...

Endlessly rubbing on paper, softly and gently, in circular movements. Paper starts to strip soon, but this striping is never-ending...

It looked like it is almost over after about 30 minutes, but after it dried, it became obvious it is - NOT. 


Half hour later it looked better, but only on photo...

STEP (8)
Varnish, finally...what a relief (after 2 hours)!This case is supossed to stand outside on balcony whole year long and must be well protected.


I'm satisfied with the result. It was long process and I'm not sure will I ever repeat it...but it was worthed all the pain ;)


  1. I loved your tutorial and honest experience. Thank you so much for sharing. It looks wonderful. All the best, Kim

    1. Thank you! I tried to be honest it was not an easy experience :))

  2. Hej, da nisi svratila do mene, ne bih ni vidjela ovaj zgodan post! Upravo bi se savršeno uklopio u onu moju sobicu:) Iako ovu verziju sa trljanjem zaobilazim... a onu sa acetonom još nisam usavršila:(

    1. Ja sam već i zaboravila kako se koristi blog :))) Nije mi uopće palo na pamet javiti se ljudima....
      Sad ću probati to nadoknaditi. Vidjeh da ima super stvari za pročitati i vidjeti!
      Nije ovo tako teško koliko je dosadno, a aceton - tu ne znam što bi rekla, ni jednom mi nije uspjelo. Mislim da ovi za nokte nisu najbolje rješenje....